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Testing & Inspecting

Wright and Wilson electrical are electrical inspection and testing specialists providing our services to Domestic, Commercial and Industrial customers. Services include full certification of new installations and detailed reports on the condition of your existing installation after carrying out a full inspection and test.


Wright and Wilson Electrical will certify that inspection and testing is carried out by Approved electricians to ensure installations are safe. All electrical work is carried out in compliance with BS7671 with correct reports or certificates issued. These include:


· Electrical Installation Certificate

· Electrical Installation Condition Report

· Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate

· When issued, both the Electrical installation certificate and condition report will be accompanied by a Schedule of Inspections and a Schedule of Test results


Electrical Installation Condition Reports EICR’S


All electrical installations should be tested regularly to avoid the risk of harm, injury or death from an electrical problem or fault.


Under current legislation (BS7671: 2008), the maximum periods allowed between Electrical Installation Condition Reports is:


· Commercial Installations – 5 years

· Industrial Installations – 3 years

· Domestic Installations – 10 years


However, it may be appropriate to have a Electrical Installation Condition Report produced at other times such as if you are planning on moving home, fire, flooding or change of tenancy. The report is vital as it provides information on the condition of an existing electrical installation. The report details the findings and will recommend any remedial works

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