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Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting

Fire Alarm Installations and Emergency lighting


Wright & Wilson Electrical Ltd are a specialist company offering a single source for all your commercial fire alarm installation and maintenance requirements. We cover London we cover and the surrounding counties , we have strategically located personnel who help us ensure prompt and efficient attention to new or existing fire alarm installations.

Both national and European laws demand that all public and commercial buildings retain a minimum level of fire alarm and protection equipment and that it be maintained to accredited standards. With the many demands on your time the last thing you need is yet another problem to worry about. We provide specialist knowledge in this area and can resolve your questions promptly and efficiently. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us with any queries you may have to release you to focus on the day to day demands of your organisation or business.


Fire Alarm


·       Supply

·       Installations

·       Maintenance

·       Weekly testing

·       Fire drills

·       Systems




Emergency lighting is a source of light that can help employees or the general public to navigate an area in the case of an emergency. For example, if there is a fire it will allow the person to locate the position of the fire exit at pace. Emergency lighting can be divided into two different categories; maintained and non-maintained.


·       Maintained lighting turns on with the rest of the lighting within the building however, if there is a power outage the lights will continue to emit a lower level of light.


·       Non-Maintained lighting activates in the event of a power-outage. The batteries are continuously charged by the mains power and then will activate when there is no power.


Emergency lighting is required to operate automatically, give efficient lighting and provide signage to enable a safe escape route. To comply with HSE regulations, all businesses are required to have this and it is required to be inspected by an outside contractor at least once a year.


Who needs Emergency Lighting?


·       Commercial Buildings (office blocks, shops etc.)

·       Industrial Buildings (Factories, warehouses etc.)

·       Communal landlord areas

·       Multiple occupancy housing


Contact us for all of your emergency lighting needs, we offer:


·       design

·       Supply and installation

·       Maintenance

·       testing

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